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We are at a critical stage in developing enhanced video software using emerging technologies including VR, AR,AI, Volumetric and Haptic technologies to improve the quality of treatment psychologists provide to patients suffering from social anxiety and phobias in particular.

We are raising funds to speed up our development and the ongoing research of the emerging technologies with the goal of enhancing the lives of millions of people around the world.

We are looking for investors and psychologists who want to make a difference in the lives of others and generate a significant return on their investment.

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Why should you invest?

High return potential

Creating a significant impact on society

6 months preferential rates after you invest as psychologist

Biggest increase in investment from 2019 to 2020 (EU Health Sector)

Passionate team; determined to deliver the mission

What challenges are we addressing?

The major challenge for psychologists is to replicate the real phobia experience in the clinic. To date it is by discussion, cognitive therapy, and perhaps very poor graphic versions for patients to view. VR in 3D will make the phobia appear very real in the clinic room. If the patient gets a realistic VR experience in the presence of the psychologists, their treatment processes will see a significant improvement in less time.

Current technologies are unrealistic as they are graphic and animated. Research shows that it takes about 20 – 24 treatments for a patient to be comfortable when they are present in a real live phobia situation e.g. walking down the road and passing by a dog or visiting a friend who owns a dog if the fear of dogs has previously created any social anxiety.

Key benefits of PsycReality’s software:

  • Reduction in the cost of treatments for patients and health insurers
  • Speed up in the treatment process so patients get better faster
  • More patients can be treated thereby reducing waiting lists
  • Psychologists can increase their earnings
  • Very little cost to psychologists as the software is by license and paid on a per use basis along with the VR googles
  • It is constantly improving the effectiveness of the treatment as AI and feedback are used to enhance the software

Our solution

The most effective way to overcome a phobia is by gradually and repeatedly exposing yourself to what you fear in a safe and controlled way. During this exposure process, patients learn to ride out the anxiety and fear until it inevitably passes.

VR is just the way and early clinical studies show that treatment time is reduced significantly resulting in lower costs to patients, reducing waiting lists and assisting psychologists in being more effective in their treatments and improving the patient’s quality of life.

PsycReality are here to assist psychologists with a unique software that can be used in clinics in the treatment of phobias. There are many emerging technologies that can be used in these treatments and PsycReality will be at the forefront in assisting psychologists in treating their patients.


What does PsycReality do?

PsycReality develops and provides automated therapy solutions for anxiety disorders using novel forms of technology such as Virtual Reality (VR). Psycreality’s software is compatible with various versions of VR headsets and biosensors that help provide feedback to psychologists instantly.

What are the other capabilities of PsycReality’s software?

PsycReality is in the process of developing the second iteration of its software. The software shall be compatible with a majority of the most widespread VR headsets, biosensors and shall make use of 360-degree real videos (volumetric technology) and six-dimensional videos and shall include an administrative module to help psychologists with their administrative tasks. Future iterations of the software shall be compatible with an electroencephalogram (an EEG device), haptic body suits to provide tactile sensations, augmented reality glasses to better project hostile stimuli and artificial intelligence for the software to adjust the intensity of the stimuli based on the patient’s reaction.

What problem does PsycReality solve?

Currently, anxiety disorders (phobias) are treated using cognitive behavioral therapy whereby patients are repeatedly exposed to stimuli they’re fearful of. Psychologists conduct these sessions with the patients in-person. This poses a few problems such as the inability to replicate scenarios due to it being costly or impractical to conduct, the inability of psychologists to control the intensity of the stimuli and the long duration of the treatment among others. VR-based exposure therapy (VRET) solves all of these problems as it is easy to implement, control and customize and is a faster form of treatment.

Is PsycReality a B2B business or will it directly target end users (customers)?

PsycReality’s customers shall be psychologists and psychology clinics. At the outset PsycReality shall target psychologists and psychology clinics in Europe and the Middle East, following which it shall target psychologists (and clinics) in Brazil, North America and Oceania.

Does PsycReality have any intellectual property?

PsycReality has been granted a short-term Irish patent (valid for up to ten years). PsycReality was granted this patent in 2019.

Will PsycReality also provide the requisite hardware to its customers?

The customers of PsycReality will be free to purchase compatible hardware (with the software) through any medium they wish to do so. However, should any customer choose to procure hardware from PsycReality, PsycReality shall provide the same (for a margin) after procuring it from the manufacturer. PsycReality shall not maintain inventory of any hardware device.

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